[jitsi-dev] Adding some policy enforcement to jicofo reservations, and extending jitsi-videobridge rest api


I haven't found too much on limiting conference sizes to tested "safe"
values, so I'm working on adding some basic policy enforcement to jicofo
reservations. This will allow you to set a maximum number of participants
when returning a conference allocation as outlined in reservation.md[1],
and possibly limiting the number of senders/broadcasters. It would become
something like:

  'id': 364758328,
  'name': 'conference1234',
  'mail_owner': 'user@server.com',
  'start_time': '2048-04-20T17:55:12.000Z',
  'duration': 900000,
* 'maximum_participants': 100,*

* 'maximum_broadcasters': 10*}

I'm also extending the REST API for jitsi-videobridge to return some more
specific lists regarding the named conferences, and who is participating in
them, as opposed to the current raw channel data that's reported by
/colibri/conferences and /colibri/conferences/{id} mentioned in
rest-videobridge.md[2], which does not seem to be correlatable with
anything at the moment. The output would be along the lines of:

  'named_conf1': [ 'alice_jid', 'sam_jid', 'bob_jid', ...],
  'named_conf2': [...]

Perhaps this can also be extracted via XMPP and querying the focus in some
manner? Any input would be appreciated.


[1] https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo/blob/master/doc/reservation.md