[jitsi-dev] Adding notification sound/event


I'm looking for some guidance on adding a long hold alert to Jitsi. We want to set up a property to enable or disable this feature and another property to set the time after which the notification happens. The idea is to alert our agents to check in with their customer when a hold has gone on too long.

It seems like I will want to use the TimerScheduler to set a timer in OperationSetBasicTelephonySipImpl.putOnHold, the part I need guidance on is how the notifications system works. I think it needs to be mapped in net.java.sip.communicator.plugin.notificationwiring.NotificationManager using SoundNotificationAction.

Am I on the right track? Can anyone provide a map of which modules notifications proceed through to be usable and explain the jitsi methodology for accomplishing this?