[jitsi-dev] Adding Local Dialling Prefixes to the Jitsi client

Hi Guys,

Im looking for some development help, of course will pay for any services.

Basically we use Jitsi as our soft client to make SIP calls via our
network, and we want to implement a local dialplan scheme, which will allow
international deployment to emulate the dial rules of the country they are
assigned in.

For example a deployment in Ireland would dial 16815000 rather than
dialling 0035316815000.

It would be ideal if Jitsi could implement it the same/similar way to Cisco


We can look to add rules on our SIP Proxy, but this will soon become a
headache to manage

Ideally Id want to be able to add prefixes, and send calls onwards to the
PBX as *{00}{country_code}{number}.*

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks