[jitsi-dev] Add support for RDP in Jitzi



We are currently using Jitzi for voice and video in a Ubuntu-environment
(and voice with MS-Lync), as well as desktop sharing Ubuntu <-> Ubuntu.

We would like to have desktop sharing working on Ubuntu <-> Windows Lync
as well, and would thus need to add support for the RDP-codec in Jitzi.
(Jitzi uses h264 for desktop sharing)

Unfortunately there is no free and working Java-implementation of RDP
available (nor a non-free implementation AFAIK) The nearest implementation
is properJavaRDP, but that piece of software is not updated and not in a
working state if we look at Lync 2010 or Lync 2013.

So, the way to solve it would be to use the native library freerdp.

My question is, is it feasable to assume it would be possible to add
freerdp-support to Jitsi by using JNI (Java Native Interface) - i.e
Java-bindings to this c-library?

Would that work, or am I just dreaming something up here?

Would be nice if someone with insight could give me some pointers here.

Best Regards,