[jitsi-dev] A Few Questions


1. I am using Jitsi video conference in rocket.chat, I can't seem to use
screenshare feature, it always tells me that it failed to install the
desktop extension. Do i need to manually install some plugin? what plugin?
is it Jitsi desktop streamer? I am hosting Rocket.chat on server but not
jitsi, I am using Jitsi org's server. do i need to install the plugin on
server or on my desktop?

2. Also i saw the awesome features Jitsi has: youtube live streaming and
youtube co-watch, is there any plugin that i need to install in order for
those to work? install to my server if i am using Jitsi through
Rocket.chat? is there a tutorial for installation?

3. is it a good idea to host jitsi on top of Rocket.chat or use jitsi's
server through rocket.chat?