Jitsi Desktop simplification and modernization

I like Desktop and I use it at home. I think it has many strong points and some weak ones.

The fact that it’s not HTML + JS is a plus in terms of security and privacy. A lot harder to exploit.

I think it can be simplified, say for example drop protocols and concentrate on XMPP maybe SIP. Remove options, codecs and configurations not needed anymore, due to improvements on hardware, etc. As an example, just use x264, x265, vp8, vp9 and opus.

Another suggestions is to mavenize it.

The Remote Access and Control is almost good… a little modernization would probably go a long way.

Message History can be modernized using just the history stored at the XMPP server, there’s a XEP for this… (NPI)


Have you checked out Jitsi Meet? Jitsi Desktop has been deprecated and is no longer supported officially. But pretty much all your recommendations are already implemented in Jitsi Meet.

Yes I know… my point is it shouldn’t :wink:

I don’t recall seing an option to remote control a desktop on Meet …

Also Meet is too much focused on groups, at least that’s my perception. The concept doesn’t translate exactly to a messenger.

HTML + JS are the tools of the Devil… lol. But jokes apart a lot more exploitable.