Jitsi Desktop sees webcam mic but doesn't offer webcam (Logi 615) under video

Literally that. Installed Jitsi desktop to use as voip client. then realised monitor mic didn’t work. Plugged in a logi 615 webcam. Jitsi immediately saw the mic but not the camera.

Bit of investigation showed I had turned off access to both mic and camera under windows settings on a privacy purge at some point.

Enabled both for all desktop apps.

Client still sees mic but not camera. Both work under Windows camera app.

tried quit and restart.

Tried reboot.

Any ideas what to try next?

I don’t need it for audio phone calls but I’d like to understand why it isn’t seen and fix in case I end up trying voip video call.


Hmmmm, after a couple of un-installs and re-installs it finally discovered the camera and presented it in the devices dialogue.

Think I’ll file in win doze.