Jitsi Desktop missing in deb repository

I’ve installed jitsi from the deb repository yesterday on on computer but after trying to install it on another one today it appears to be missing from the stable repo…? I also can’t find it in the file listing on the mirror, so I’m guessing it was removed but since downloading the deb file itself from the website is still possible i’m wondering why?

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To my knowledge you need to add the Jitsi project repo to your system. Jitsi Desktop (the SIP client software) is not in Debian stable for some time now.

If you’re looking for a Jitsi Meet client, you need to get the Jitsi Meet Electron application.

We are moving some stuff around, you can find what you are looking forr https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi/releases/latest

Okay so basically the package got removed from the repositories? Any plans to add Jitsi Desktop again to the Ubuntu/Debian repos or am I just better off adding the package to my own repo?

When we release the current version from unstable it will got into stable. This is the plan for now.