Jitsi Desktop Linux does not show video

Hi Jitsi community,

I just started to play with the Jitsi Desktop (SIP phone) application recently and had some issue with the Linux version. I was able to install the Jitsi Desktop (version 2.10.5550) on CentOS 7.7 and make a SIP call to an external media server to play a pre-recorded video clip. The call was connected successfully, and I was able to hear the audio portion of the announcement, but no video is shown up on the Jitsi desktop (black screen). When I tested same using the Jitsi Desktop Windows version, I was able to see video rendered properly. I changed video codec from h.264 to vp8, and no difference. I captured pcap and it showed the media server was streaming both audio and video to Jitsi desktop, but for some reason the video was not rendered on the Jitsi desktop in Linux.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue with Jitsi desktop in Linux?