Jitsi Desktop installation for Debian



Following a reinstallation of my system, I can no longer install Jitsi.
For information, I am on Debian 9.5.

As Jitsi is not in the repositories I tried to use the package found on the site (jitsi_2.10.5550-1_amd64.deb which seems to be the latest).
However, it didn’t work, there was a problem of dependency during installation.

Then I tested with the Jitsi repository as indicated on the website, but it didn’t work either.
Importing the key (wget…) and adding the Jitsi repository (sh -c "echo’ deb…) worked, but “apt-get -y update” displayed:

E: Le pilote pour la méthode /usr/lib/apt/methods/https n’a pu être trouvé.
N: Is the package apt-transport-https installed?
E: Impossible de récupérer https://download.jitsi.org/stable/InRelease
E: Le téléchargement de quelques fichiers d’index a échoué, ils ont été ignorés, ou les anciens ont été utilisés à la place.

… translated in english

E: The driver for the /usr/lib/apt/methods/https method could not be found.
N: Is the package apt-transport-https installed?
E: Unable to retrieve https://download.jitsi.org/stable/InRelease
E: Some index files have failed to download, they have been ignored, or the old ones have been used instead.

Are there errors in the information provided by https://desktop.jitsi.org/Main/DebianRepository?
Is it still possible to simply install Jitsi Desktop? How?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


You just need to install apt-transport-https.


Thanks for your quick answser.
It works!