Jitsi Desktop for use with jitsi-meet and LDAP

I have jitsi-meet deployed with Docker for use with our corporate RocketChat solution and it’s FANTASTIC. One things that’s missing is a “non-chat” method of communication. This is why I turned to Jitsi Desktop. I know Jitsi-Meet has a built in XMPP server… what I’m wondering is, is there a way to connect this XMPP server to LDAP and allow people to sign into Jitsi-Desktop with their Active Directory credentials so they can actually “call” each other via usernames much like a replacement for Skype as opposed to just the current jitsi-meet implementation which is a little more like a replacement for Zoom or WebEx?

Jitsi Desktop is a xmpp, sip desktop client which has audio video capabilities, but cannot interconnect with jitsi-meet.

That totally makes sense… I was just looking for a server I could create to allow people to call each other from a list of usernames… like an opensource version of Skype deployed on my own hardware.

What I was hoping to avoid was having to deploy a full PBX and/or have to create “extensions” for everyone.

My perfect solution would be a server I could deploy, integrate it with Active Directory, have everyone install Jitsi-Desktop as a softphone and just be able to click on someones name or call them by email address. No creating extensions, no configuration of extra users, just have it automatically allow calls to any email address picked up via the AD connection, and maybe if they don’t answer, record a wav or mp3 file as voicemail and just email it to the same address you just called.