Jitsi Desktop custom button

Hi all,
I’m required to develop a custom button to add on the button toolbar in a call. I followed the custom GUI guide to add a JMenuItem on the right click contact menu but for the buttons I’m having some troubles. I tried to add a JButton/SIPCommonButton/CallToolbarButton in Container.CONTAINER.CALL.BUTTONS.PANEL but it doesn’t show when I allocate my button in the getComponent() method of my custom button (a class that extends AbstracPluginComponent). How can I show my button on the call toolbar buttons? I didn’t find anything on internet and I think it’s a task a little bit complicated and “structured”. Thank you.

Hi @White_1995,

I never used custom GUI functionalities, but if you can’ get it to work, I would recommend you to use the iFrame API. You have to get iFrame Element and after that its DOM document. Than you can simply use querySelector() to find parent container and append a new DOM element to it - like a button or so.

Hint: Make sure, that the elements you working on are already loaded and actually shown. A lot of elements will be deleted if they aren’t shown, so you could get a null pointer error. For debugging use a element inspector of your browser.

I’m customizing the client application written in Java, not the Web App one. I’m forced to use jitsi desktop since we’re prototiping a new functionality for telemedicine using a videocall application (so no custom servers to deploy the app) that will be used directly on the users’ machines.
However, thank you very much for your reply! :smiley:

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