Jitsi Desktop and LDAP

Hi all. I’ve tried to set up Jitsi and LDAP. It’s not connecting to our server even though I can connect to the server using telnet from the local machine. Can someone suggest where I would see logs or errors relating to this on the client side?

I eventually got it working; my advice for anyone with similar problems would include the following:

  1. Try typing into the search field so that it tries to connect to LDAP
  2. Try moving (effectively like making a backup then deleting) your configuration directory (for your user) and creating the settings again from scratch to re-see error messages

One of my problems was that my LDAP certificate was expired, but I’d been in a hurry when the error message came up (a phone call was coming in), and so I think I clicked the wrong thing, and then the error never came up again until I wiped my config.