Jitsi customized installation and management application

Hello all,

We are developing a jitsi based web conferencing system and so far we have been able to :

  1. Develop our custom user authentication and authorization.

  2. Develop meeting Management API.

  3. Develop a user interface for users.

  4. Deploy the backend and frontend.

  5. Deploy jitsi meet to the server.

What we were unable to achieve includes:

  1. Build Jitsi locally.

  2. Correctly configure the the jitsi meet to be displayed as an iframe in our page.

The reasons for the failures include:

  1. There are brocken links in the jitsi documentation hence making it difficult to troubleshoot some errors.

  2. There is no clear explanation on triggering actions in the ifame from the containing page.

Any help fixing those issue would be highly appreciated.

Thanks all the community for the amazing work on jitsi.

Lamine and Isaac

can’t help you on the iframe api (don’t use it) but your post is not clear on the exact problems you have. In particular you say you have developed your own version but you can’t build ‘locally’. I don’t understand what you mean by that, for me if you have deployed your version you must have built it no ?

iframe is very simple, just follow:

if you have any problems post what kind of problem you are having.


Thanks for your replies

We want to install jitsi from the source but I am getting a breaking link to the page with the source file. Based on the documentation, I should find the current stable release here

Since I could not find, I downloaded and Installed the videobridge .deb from the main site

However, I get lost where I need to run the videobridge using the command
./jvb.sh --host=localhost --domain=jitsi.example.com --port=5347 --secret=YOURSECRET1

as described in the documentation here

Any help ?
Nobody has run into this issue ?