Jitsi Custom Server/PortForwarding

Good day everyone! Can I ask some advise or help on our Custom Jitsi Server.

We successfully installed it and its running, it can create a room too, but when we tried to connect on it, it doesn’t show to both party that the other member is connected.

Our server has a port ending :xxxx (i.e:6969) and we have a webserver that is port-forwarding a public IP which is the same with our Jitsi Server(forwarding the same IP).

You need to configure port forwarding and ip-addresses for the media check the advanced section of the quick install guide.

We already configured the port and ip addresses as shown in the advance section(Local and Public address and with jetty.port) but it not still connecting or showing the members that someone joined the room.

What about udp 10000, is it port forwarded and open on the firewall?