Jitsi creating different rooms with the same address

All, just had an interesting experience -maybe one of you can explain. A Jitsi Meet address was provided to a group of 15 students in two separate emails. The format was https://meet.jit.si/MEETINGROOMNAME. Over the span of about 10 minutes, students joined the meeting room by clicking on the web address contained in the email. Some were taken to one room and some to another room. Ultimately, while the main meeting was in progress, the 5 who were taken to the “other” room were able to close their browser, click on the link to the Meet room web address, and join the “main” room. Any idea why this occurred?

Thanks in advance!

Hi all, I had a similar problem today. I created a meeting room in format https://meet.golem.de/ROOMNAME and send the link to 6 friends. All uses the link. Two were in one room, me and two more in an other. One of us left and take the link again and was together with the other two. Me and the other were together with every new log in. Later the 6th guy joined and was together with me.
I tried it with laptop and tablet, the second with me had a desktop-pc. The one who joined at last an Android phone.

The “second group” an apple tablet, an android phone and a Windows tablet.

Any ideas what went wrong? Thanks in advance for help. I want my reputation back that I used Jitsi. :wink:

I could only speculate…

Did you compare the App settings in Android? Spelling of your Jitsi server? Terminated by “/”? or not? …

Sounds strange – to say the least…

Hmm, they all took the link I sent them. Participants with mobile environment were routed to the installed Jitsi Meet app. I hope in this case it is irrelevant if they filled the server information in the settings of the app. For reconnecting I used also the link in the mail I sent out before.

The guy who left me at first recontected several times with the link and direct input in the apple app and was connected to the second group at every time from then on.

We also face this problem here every now and then.

Steps how to reproduce with Chromium Version 85.0.4161.0 (Entwickler-Build) (64-Bit) on WIN7:

  1. Create bookmark for https://chat.lag-nds.de/Weststadt-Aktivkasse from this page
  2. ˋrightclick Bookmark item → open in new TAB → allow cam + mic and so on and launch meeting as "My Name"ˊ
    » As expected Meeting starts
  3. ˋrightclick Bookmark item → open in new TAB → allow cam + mic and so on and launch meeting as "Your Name"ˊ
    » As expected Meeting starts
    Unexpected: meeting different from the one in step (2) :disappointed_relieved:

Additional info:

a) For me this is not reproducible reliably. May be 5% of all attempts to join a meeting fail with step (3). And I haven’t a clue how to make it reproducible
b) Problem is not limited to chat.lag-nds.de. Same problem with meet.jit.si
c) Problem not limited to Chromium. Also with FF and Android App
d) Problem is not limited to this “2 participants with one Browser” scenario. Also for tests with 2 different browsers and for normal meetings with different participants at different places. Every now and then we face the problem that one of the participants can’t meet, calls by phone, …

:grey_question:Any idea how I can contribute additional information which might help to find the roots of the problem?

Today I was able to reproduce the problem a single time.

At the right in the screenshot you see the meeting member (fellow jitster) who started the meeting, joined first. An Indication that something’s going wrong might be that I entered without name. I can’t remember whether the prefilled name was missing.
At the left in the screenshot you see the second meeting participant (Ton Studio me) who entered second.
I additionally met the meeting from a second Browser (SeaMonkey), who met with “Ton Studio (me)”.

I can try to ask jitsi hosting service lag-niedersachsen for some log observations?!



debugging an intermittent problem is hard enough, not even having full access to the system is making it … well, extremely difficult. You could at least save the web console logs and post them here. My guess is that some short-lived network problem has mixed with a bug (that is, the network problem is not detected and handled, either by retrying successfully or failing cleanly, but results in a botched ‘success’). Proper handling of rare failures is not an easy problem (cue exploding rockets)
And well, the meet.jit.si problem could be linked. Or not at all, only look the same.

Thank you for your hints, I will try to find the time to follow your recommendations the next days.

Here you find Browser log with 3 xcreenshots for 1 failed session and 2 successful ones for comparison.

Anything you can see there?

@ JP2020
Did your MEETINGROOMNAME contain a hyphen (or an other special character)? On irc://freenode/jitsi we are just discussing this possibility.