Jitsi creating and reserving a room

Sorry I am having a hard time explaining my issue.

I think its best if I explain what I’m trying to do - I want to give out unique rooms on my main website (domain.com). Is it possible for me to host jitsi on a subdomain, and have the conferences done via the main domain.

Also you said something about iframe api, if the main site doesn’t have an iframe is there any API I can use / need to use? Could you provide me with the link?

That is fine, you should be able to do so.
I think the problem may be around those 404 and that you need to adjust the header Access-Control-Allow-Origin in your apache config to allow your main domain to access the subdomain …

Hi Everyone,

First off damencho thank you for the continued support. I was reading through various posts on the forum and saw how active you are. Your work is highly appreciated.

In terms of the issue I had - I solved it! The issue was nothing to do with Apache, CORS etc

The issue I had was that I was creating a room with dashes in the name for example room-1. Apparently Jitsi does not like dashes and once I excluded dashes from the name the issue was resolved!

I always use dashed room names, no problem on my side