Jitsi crashes when enable JWT auth


Im having a problem when I enable JWT authentication method.

Is running ok without JWT (for example with user/pass), but when we enable JWT Jitsi starts to crash (Rejoin screen) when a second participant joins to a room.
clientLog.log (2.8 KB)
I’ve already installed another Jitsi and is perfectly running with JWT, but I dont knonw what is happening with this installation.

I attach a piece of the client log, when a second participant joins to room…
In the server side no error in the logs (prosody, jicofo and videobridge)…

I looked everywhere, but I can’t find the possible cause.

I would appreciate some help or ideas

Check prosody logs on restarting the server.

There is no prosody errors in the log.

We detected that is only with chrome (chromium based) only…there are some headers also that only chrome sends in the request.
I this moment we are looking into it…

I’ll let you know about any news…

After a lot of tests, researchs and so on …
We are pretty sure that is the client who is “aborting”, there is no error on the server side. And the traffic (tcpdumps and wireshark) comparison beteween scencarios with Chrome and no Chrome (eg FF) is the same on the server side.
The only difference are some headers that only chrome sends in theirs requests:


It’s weird…

Do know if there is any known issue or something with Chrome?