Jitsi crashes(PC freeze)

Hello, im using https://meet.jit.si/ in my browser chrome(i also tried firefox without any extensions) and when im turning on my videocamera, my PC is crashing. Sometimes its crashing instantly, like after 0-1 seconds, sometimes it can work 30 seconds or a minute. I dont know from what it depends. If im not turning on the video i stay on call and everything works just fine. Please help.

Im using windows 10, video drivers updated to last version.

What do you mean by crash? What happens exactly?

everything on my screen freezes and no mouse or keyboard making any changes, all i can do is to press power/reset on my PC block to restart it

There is not much we can do to help you, alas. It must be some weird bug between the browser and the operating system, web apps don’t have access to the whole OS. Make sure you are running the latest browser versions.

All browsers updated to latest version, Chrome, Firefox, Edge.
I also tried video calls in ZOOM, Discord, no problems detected

Can you try with Safari and see if you have different results?