Jitsi crashed for me and other users last night on chrome browser

I run an online language exchange every week for people wanting to practise languages, and this week we switched from Zoom to Jitsi, I was really excited about it… but it crashed for anyone using the chrome browser

I wasn’t running it on my own server, just using the https://meet.jit.si/ site to create rooms for different languages. Anyway, after about 15 minutes of it working perfectly for everyone, myself and several others reported it crashing. As far as I can see it was everyone using Chrome browser, others were unaffected. I could still enter rooms using the mobile app.

On the chrome browser I could enter each room for about 2 seconds, would see everyone’s faces (no sounds) and then it would just go to error code: SIGSEGV

I tried to set up new rooms, and I would be ok as long as I was the only person in the room, as soon as another user joined then it would crash for whoever was using Chrome browser.

Does anyone have any ideas what caused this/how to fix it? I really don’t want to go back to Zoom :frowning:

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I have the same problem - used to work fine - seems like a chrome version problem

Having the same issue. It only started yesterday. Jitsi has been performing perfectly until then.

On the other users’ side, it is reported that my image is frozen, and I stay in the room. When I try to reload, it creates a second version of me before crashing with either Google’s “oh snap” error, or the SIGSEGV error.

Each reload creates a new version. If you try three or four times, you’ll see three or four of me.

I’ve tried emptying the cache and clearing all cookies. And restarting the Chromebook, of course. Nothing has made it work again thus far.

Super annoying, since i now have to fall back to using Jitsi on the smartphone, which is not the experience I’m looking for.

same issue for me today.

SIGSEGV issue for me as well on ChromeOS 83. Seems to be limited to ChromeOS.

I can confirm. The new update for ChromeOS causes Jitsi to crash immediately when another person joins. FWIW, I am able to make it work by switching to beta.jit.si (just add “beta.” to the front of the URL for the meeting room). You’ll need to tell whoever you are meeting to meet you in the beta room. It’s a separate Jitsi room.