Jitsi Connection not stable

Sometimes I encounter this error on JVB

JVB 2022-03-28 11:02:20.332 WARNING: [197] [confId=2078d6834d0c3aba gid=64737 stats_id=Garfield-IGr conf_name=108454@conference.domain ufrag=4ach21fv831oln epId=8a87d463 local_ufrag=4ach21fv831oln] ConnectivityCheckClient.startCheckForPair#374: Failed to send BINDING-REQUEST(0x1)[attrib.count=6 len=92 tranID=0xACE730D07F01DA1432F366D9]

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No socket found for>

then my connection will lost but will join back and disconnection for few times when the error come out ? it is normal ?

@Boris_Grozev is this the harmless error I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere?


Thanks @saghul and @Boris_Grozev