Jitsi connected with SEB, need a key (JWT_APP_ID)


I am using SEB (Safe exam browser) server and want to do live exams with someone monitoring the students. I have a server with SEB up. I have a Ubuntu server with Jitsi that is working, I can connect with computer/phone for meetings.

When I try to add the Jitsi server to the SEB server it requires a key. I am not sure how to get this key from the Jitsi server (I have full access to the server). See here: https://i.ibb.co/1vWJ1DK/Key.jpg

Any tips? I do not have much knowledge about setting up servers like this, it is my first time. Seems like I need to find a file with “JWT_APP_ID” but can’t find the file.

These values are asked while installing the jitsi-meet-tokens package.

This package isn’t installed by default. It’s needed to activate the token authentication for Jitsi