Jitsi Config Differ -- UI to diff reference configs across releases

Preparing for an upgrade, but not sure what new config values are available or if defaults have changed?

Hopefully this will helpJitsi Config Differ

It’s a simple app that lets you select the Jitsi release version you’re going from and to …

… and shows you diffs of reference config files for those versions across the different Jitsi projects.

The app uses tags on the jitsi-meet repo to infer release versions, and the tags are updated twice daily so it could take up to 12 hours for new releases to be selectable.

UI is rather basic and intentionally low-tech, and only a handful of configs are included for now – config.js, interface_config.js, and reference.conf for jicofo and videobrige – but there is room for improvement over time if people find this useful.

Code hosted here: shawnchin/jitsi-config-differ. PRs are very welcome.


This is awesome!

Thanks you @shawn

Please add it to the 3rd party utilities list in the handbook!

:+1: done.

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jitsi-config-differ now supports permalinks so you can share links to specific diffs like so: Jitsi Config Differ

You can copy permalinks from the # link that shows up when you hover over a title: