Jitsi Community Call 18/05/2020


To @jcfischer and Renato: Hats off to your approach to the challenges you faced, and in fact still are! Also a big thank you to your shared experience and your knowledge sharing in the documents on https://github.com/switch-ch/jitsi-deploy!

To the Jitsi team: I was also quite intrigued by your documentation initiative announcement, looking forward to that too indeed! (https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/)

In fact, I have written some posts on the community forum in an effort to share what basically were my private notes during setting up some jitsi infrastructure I would call fpr private use but in essence I went through similar experiences as presented by Jens Christian and Renato. The disasadvantage I experienced was that although I have my notes documented now, they always disappear out of view when I need them and I need a search to find it back. So to see this initiative of moving the documentation to a central- and maintained section is great news! I will start learning GIT and try to hone my first basic git-skills and see if- and how I might contribute!

Thanks to all for the updates in the call, I was in calls working at home (yeah, videoconferencing with ms-teams :blush:) and could not participate in the live call!


thanks for your kind word!

thank you @jcfischer for sharing. learning by drinking from firehose, ha? gonna steal it :smile:

:grinning: Yeah, I liked that-1 too, now also in my vocabulary!