Jitsi Cluster Questions

Hi there!

I’ve made my first Tests with Jitsi and the results are stunning. I’ve set it up in a docker environment.

  • docker > jicofo
  • docker > jvb
  • docker > prosody
  • docker > web

We were using it through the Jitsi Meet App within a Nextcloud instance, which worked way better than Nextcloud Talk with a HPB. After the testing we decided to ditch Talk and use Jitsi in the future. But there are a few things that are unclear to me, and where i need some advice/help from the community.

First off we have a few seperate Nextcloud instances which will all use Jitsi. These Nextcloud instances are running as a swarm. Is it sane to depoly a new dedicated server with a Jitsi setup (jicofo, prosody, web) and a dedicated server with JVBs and use that single Jitsi instance for all the Nextcloud instances? Are there any privacy issues?

Another possible setup i can think of is a dedicated Jitsi Setup (jicofo, prosody, web and JVB) for each instance.

Can someone give me some advice what a good configuration would look like?

I need to make sure that there are no privacy violation between the nextcloud instances, so if i use the same complete Jitsi Server or same JVBs do i run into any issues?

I’m new to the whole Jitsi topic, so please be kind if this seems like dumb questions to you.

The users cannot access Nextcloud accounts through Jitsi. So using a standalone Jitsi server for all Nextclouds will not affect anything on the Nextcloud side.

Thank you for your answer. That point was clear to me. The part that i don’t understand is when i use 1 Jitsi instance for all nextcloud instances, is there any point where it gets troublesome with like rooms and stuff? Can a user of one nextcloud instance access rooms that got created in another instance?

Authentification is JWT right now; Can i use diffrent JWTs on 1 Jitsi Server and give each Nextcloud instance a diffrent one then, does it make any sense?

I don’t know how Nextcloud generates the room names. If two instances create the same room name for different teams, they join the same metting room if there is only one Jitsi

You could generate room names inside tenants, like Jitsi Meet