Jitsi Chrome Error

I am currently experiencing an issue with Jitsi related to permissions related to Jitsi and my Angular code. After deploying my custom Jitsi Application, I am getting errors related to Google Chrome where after upgrading the latest Chrome Browser and the jitsi library I am getting errors related to the ability to turn on and off my microphone and video. I have granted access on my browser and updated to the latest Chrome browser but I am still encountering this issue. I was wondering if anyone can help me diagnose this issue.

Thank you

features/base/tracks] Failed to create local tracks

  1. [“video”]

  2. s {gum: {…}, name: “gum.permission_denied”, message: “User denied permission to use device(s): video”, stack:

  3. gum: {error: DOMException: Permission denied, constraints: {…}, devices: Array(1)}

  4. message: “User denied permission to use device(s): video”

  5. name: “gum.permission_denied”

I had this even after I have given the necessary camera permissions. This was appearing from nowhere in a working application.

I tried to restart the development server, jitsi server, and even the browser. But the error stopped from occurring only after I restarted my computer.

What version of Jitsi are you running?