Jitsi chat crashes as soon as the recording start

I installed an instance of Jitsi meet on a VPS and one instance of JiBri on another.
This mornig I finally was able to start the firs recording (only few seconds, for test).
I begun to work on publishing the recordings moving them from the Jibri vps to the web server.
When I tried again, in the afternoon, I found some very long recordings in the directory. I tried to download and open them and were unreadable.
I tryed to start recording on a chat (with only me) and after some tens of seconds, instead of sayng “recording started”, the chat restarted with the grey panel “try to reconnect in 30 seconds”.
On the jibri machine I noticed that ffmpeg didn’t stop (I found two instances one time) and so the recording get big, but without content.
Jitsi continues to work very well if I don’t try to record.
After five days of experiments and errors I don’t know what to do more

I’m with this exactly same problem