JITSI caption

is there way to change the subtitle/caption from console because when i trigger “APP.conference._room.setLocalParticipantProperty(‘translation_language’,‘hi’);” this command in console i am getting undefine
even if i console.log(APP) still giving not defined

APP is defined by the standard Jitsi Meet frontend.

If you’re using a custom UI built with lib-jitsi-meet, you call setLocalParticipantProperty() on the JitsiConference object returned by connection.initJitsiConference().

If you’re using the iFrame API, I’m not sure, I don’t see that function exported in the external API, so you’d probably have to add it.

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:
is there way to use iframe api and change the language can you give me example

I am giving APP.conference._room.setLocalParticipantProperty(‘transcription_language’,‘hi-IN’); in call console
and jitsi is giving me caption in hindi which is not converted into hindi when i spoke in english
is there way to achieve this translation @damencho through console

what is diffrence between