Jitsi caption

@damencho kindly please help to achieve the functionality of jitsi subtitle i am getting lot’s of error while configuration

Steps i followed to confgure jitsi :

now could you help me to configure caption functionality

followed this GitHub - jitsi/jigasi: Jigasi: a server-side application acting as a gateway to Jitsi Meet conferences. Currently allows regular SIP clients to join meetings and provides transcription capabilities. link to configure but don’t know how to do the the below step

You already have two threads open with the same question. Please don’t start another one.

Sorry, but what should i do i don’t know kindly help me with that

I don’t have much experience with Jigasi so I’m afraid I cannot help.

But what I can offer is the suggestion that you keep the conversation in one place rather than spread it out across more and more topics.

  1. it makes it easier for people trying to help to see what’s already been discussed and offer other suggestions
  2. you don’t end up annoying others and get ignored completely.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile: