Jitsi - Can't hear interlocutor

I’ve just installed Jitsi Dersktop and configured my Asterisk account.
If I make or receive a call, the interlocutor can hear me, but I can’t hear him and the vumeter is not moving.
If I use MicroSIP with the same account and server, it works without any problem.
I’ve tried with BT headset, with speakers, with WASAPI and PortAudio, but nothing
Are there some logs that I can check?

Any help? Pleeeease!!!

Make sure your asterisk account is configured with nat=force_rport,comedia

I have to ask this to the external tech support. Could it really be that thing even if with MicroSIP everything work without any problem?

Does MicroSIP use a stun server to modify its sdp?

No, the “Allow IP Rewrite” it’s not checked (if this is what you mean, otherwise I don’t know where to check).

P.s. Thanks for the support!

Any other idea? :pray: