Jitsi Calendar Integration

Jitsi currently supports non-Free calendar integration (Google and Microsoft.) Why doesn’t it support Free formats of calendar too? It ought to be as easy to connect Jitsi with an .ics calendar file or with Free Software like Mozilla Lightning.

How can we achieve this?

Pull request on Github?

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Totally unpractical from Javascript code IMO.
Take a look at this issue and see if you can bring progress to it.

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I wonder if it might be easier to generate an .ics file, which the user then downloads and adds to their calendar, rather than writing direct caldav integration?

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Possibly. I don’t know a thing about how calender integration works in Jitsi, I was talking generally about using files with Javascript. This said, using a HTTP calendar seems more natural and I’m sure that devs would dislike an implementation essentially distinct of the existing ones (probably with new interfaces to document and maintain…). My instinct says that the idea would not be received with enthousiasm.