Jitsi Black Screen Problem While On A Call

When we want to open a room and make a conversation on the local jitsi server, we only see local cam, remote user is not visible(black screen)

jicofo,videobridge,prosoody are running.

Any solution?

My fist guess would be firewall issues, maybe with port 10000.

By local cam and remote user, do you mean
[Remote User] <-> Internet <-> [local LAN with your [internal user’s computer] and [Jitsi server] is]

Could you provide a bit more information about your Jitsi server, please.

  1. Are you using a registered domain name?
  2. Do you have your own Trusted CA Signed certificate, or a LetsEncrypt certificate, or a self signed certificate.
  3. are you able to test two different uses within your local network?
  4. What do you mean by remote user, I am assuming across the Internet?
  5. is the local Jitsi sever and the local cam on different computers/servers?