Jitsi behind proxy



I tried to use Jitsi (on Firefox 64bit, Windows 10) behind a proxy, which supports ports 80 and 443. I can use text chat with other users but cannot get audio or video to work.
When I opened the additional port TCP 4443 on the Firewall, audio and video still did not work (not even if I fully bypass the proxy and have all connections directly via the firewall).

Finally I temporarily opened port UDP 10000 on the firewall and then audio and video worked perfectly.

But I cannot permanently open port UDP on the firewall. As far as I understood the documentation audio and video should fall back to port TCP 4443 and even fall back to TCP443 (if both UDP 10000 and TCP 4443 fail).

So, is there a way to get audio and video running behind a proxy (with ports 80 and 443 only)?

Is there a way to use audio and video without opening an UDP port (opening another TCP port would be acceptable)?

Any help is appreciated!



Can you try is it working for you when using meet.jit.si when the client is behind the same proxy (with only ports 80 and 443 opened)?


Thank you for the rapid reply. I just figured out that it might be an issue with my personal firewall on Windows. When I disable the firewall it works flawlessly with ports 80 and 443 only (no need for 4443 or 10000).