Jitsi - behind HAProxy

Hi everyone,

i’ve recognized a weird behaviour with our Jitsi Instance hosted on external Server (Hetzner) behind pfsense (haproxy).

the following is working:
PC @ Home -> PC @ Office
PC @ Home -> Android Tablet OR my android mobile @ Home = all in the same LAN
PC @ Home -> Iphone from Friend at his Home with WLAN
PC @ Home -> Iphone from Friend with his mobile network

the following is not working:
Android Tablet OR my mobile @ Home -> PC @ Office
my mobile (from mobile network/disabled wlan) -> PC @ Home

and now the weird one (all devices at my home in same LAN):
PC @ Home AND tablet (until now working) AND after connecting the third device my mobile = Black screens on android devices and after some seconds i see that the android devices are “lost”

Did i miss something?

Best regards,

Sorry for asking… Fixed it… it was my server firewall.
It was misconfigured by myself. :frowning:
shame on me. happend during experimenting with asterisk. recognized it right now.