Jitsi behind firewall - is there a fixed range for udp ports?

I have installed jitsi using quick installation, so every thing in one server inside my organization, we have setup the organization firewall to any:any (tcp/udp) so all ports are open, thus all users from inside and outside the organization can connect to server with Audio and Video without any issue. note that even NAT is configured as well from Public to Private IP.

but according to our organization policy we need to limit the open ports, so we have limited to 80/443/4443tcp and 10000udp

after above changes in the firewall we are not able to transfer the video and audio,

I have noticed the users are connecting to port 35xxxx, 49xxxx, 45xxxx when doing netstat

i fully understand there are many article in this regards where we need to reconfigure turn in separate server and so on, which is difficult for me to do such configurations

my question, is there a fixed range to limit the ports (from/to)??

Ports UDP 10000-20000

Other than that 80 & 443

Incoming it’s just port 10000, isn’t it?


OK, now I’m confused. What are UDP ports 10001–20000 for? Outgoing? From client to server? Or from server to client?

My bad. Just be port 10000 is good enough

Thank you for clarifying! :slight_smile:

It’s really confusing when you read how-tos or some other descriptions about installing Jitsi Meet: Some say just “10000”, some “10000 and 20000” and others “10000–20000”.
Perhaps there actually was this wide port range in the past. On my virtual server I’ve opened 80, 443 and 10000. Seems to be enough.

Sorry, it’s not.

Hi all,

I have tried to run new session and I noted a new udp connection is added to netstat list 49xxxx,

I double cheched to close the session and I have noticed it disappears !! so this means there are ports outside the range 10k - 20k

any other help in this?