Jitsi behind Dynamic DNS

Hello. I am trying to setup a jitsi server for family and friends. I setup the server and have access to the page with noip dyndns web redirect. I can start a call and have friends participate but I cannot participate from a local machine in my network by entering the page with the local FQDN. Can Anyone help?

  • Both the internal and external participants should use the same FQDN

  • You must configure NAT_HARVESTER for JVB

  • You must restart JVB each time the IP address is changed

And how do I do all that? I cannot have the same FQDN internally and externally because whenever I try to use the external URL internally(i.e https://myname.ddns.net:65255) it times out. I setup the harvester to get the local and the public IP in the according the debian/ubuntu tutorial advanced configuration section. But nothing. So it would be greatly appreciated a detailed tutorial on Jitsi meet with dynamic DNS. Also. The Dynamic Dns is configured for my firewall/router pfsense 2.5.2. with noip (free) so any other DynDns domain I get is web redirect ina certain port and then port forwarded to my Jitsi Meet Server IP

Anyway emrah thank yoy very much for your time and your response