Jitsi - base install and configuration

Hi there,

i have installed Jitsi on debian server.

I am thinking about authorisation, but i cant find how to. I have Openfire server with Ldap auth.
its posible to change prosody to openfire?

Next point is Android app… dosnt work.
after connecting to room i see black and nothing else… on computer i cant see any other parcipant in conferention so propable its didnt connect.

I have wildcard cert for my domain, and full dns name. Only one think is that dns redirect to local IP its not public ip, but i am using it on same local network, so its should work ?

Is there any administration, plugin something ? Openfire has Jitsi like plugin… but there is some bugs… so i want use just Jitsi.

How can i check active conferencies? on Openfire you see used rooms, there i can’t see nothing.

Kind regards Martin

One more thing

first time i am install Jitsi with selfsignet certification… after i am remove jitsi reinstall it with wildcard in new domain.

I check all configs and i think that i change it everywhere.