Jitsi bandwidth

I have some experimentation results I would like to share and get some insight about the performance and the bandwidth consumption:

Call Spec:
3 participants in CA, USA
The whole system is deployed on Azure cloud.
1 Hour meeting ( recorded with Jibri)

Below chart will show how much billable bandwidth In and out of the network.
The meeting recorded took 650MB for only 1 hour meeting.

Network in: 2.6 GB
Network out: 2.8 GB

My questions is How I make the the bandwidth less than that to avoid bandwidth charges ?

and How I make the recording less than that to save storage charges?

Thank you for your help.

I suppose you had used chrome for all participants. What you can do is in config.js cap the resolution to up to 360p. https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/config.js#L107 But this will not work for mobile, this is web only.

I used chrome and Firefox, is that makes a different? Is there is any solution where it can work on both mobile and desktop? the bandwidth charges is too much.

There is simulcast for Firefox, maybe we will work on adding that by the end of the year, not sure about it though.
And about mobile, I’m not sure @saghul and @Guus_der_Kinderen were discussing this at some point not sure what was the outcome.

Alas we dropped the ball on that one, but I have it on my list of stuff to do tomorrow / next week.

  • Looking forward to solving the bandwidth problem on the mobile side.
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Forgive me for bumping, I would also much appreciate any developments into mobile variable resolution support.

Just to clarify: we are not going to have everything available in a single shot. I’m working on proper constraint support, so the mobile apps honor the configuration of a deployment and use the configured resolution (be that higher than now, like 1080, or lower like VGA).