Jitsi Bandwidth requirements

What is the Jitsi bandwidth requirements in Mbps for a 720p and a 1080p video conferencing for 3 participants?

What server and bandwidth requirements do I need to have for a stable 720p and 1080p video conferencing?

I have my Jitsi server hosted on AWS.

There a number of posts on the forum on this subject, search for bandwidth and costs and you will find, here is an example: Bandwidth cost modeling


Do I need to enable simulcast or is it already enabled in Jitsi?

What about 1080p?

This is for 720p

5 x Chrome with simulcast in 720p:
in: 54=20 Mbit/s
out: 5+4
0.2=5.8 Mbit/s (one person on large and 4 thumbnails)
approximately 26Mbit/s so for an hour ~12GB * 0.09 = $1

5 x Firefox (no simulcast), this changes only what goes out of the server it will be same as input so 40 Mbit/s, and for an hour ~18GB * 0.09 = $1.6

What is the bandwidth the user does need to have for a stable 720p and 1080p conferencing?

I will have one moderator and 2 users.

The numbers above are at maximum rate, so I would say this to have a stable link. 1080 I don’t remember exactly … maybe up to 7 … Boris posted a kink to the values in webrtc source code few hours ago in anothe thread check it

What about this?

This is by default turned on.

If available, of course. Currently only chrome is supported with simulcast enabled when using jitsi-meet.

How do I check if Simulcast is working?

Open in a conference with 3 participants that can stream at least 360p and check the indication in the UI the currently received resolution for participant, if the participant is not on stage you should see 180p and if it is on stage and is sending 360p or more, you should be seeing that resolution as received.
Every time the on stage participant changes a message is sent to jvb to switch resolutions.
You can also look at chrome://webrtc-internals and check that for video stream you see 3 ssrc, low, sd and hd streams are always signalled.