Jitsi + AWS Global Accelerator / Anycast

Hi guys,

I heard on a recent community call that you have successfully tested AWS Anycast as an alternative to Route 53 for global Jitsi deployments.

  1. Is this still going well?
  2. Have you got some basic instructions on what you’ve done here?

Am more than happy to get our team to write a full installation guide to contribute back, but would love a bit of guidance first please.


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Hopefully @Aaron_K_van_Meerten can give you some details.

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Yes this is still in use and going well.

Some limitations have required us to use both Route53 and global accelerator in combination:

  • Global Accelerator isn’t available in all regions, so we continue to use latency based routing for those regions
  • It’s only IPv4, so all IPv6 traffic still uses latency based routing

The switch for us was a single step, as we already used ALBs in each region to terminate SSL and route to resources within the region.

So enabling global accelerator was as simple as pointing a new accelerator to each region and including the ALB from that region as the target. From there all our traffic flows as usual. Then we simply advertise the global accelerator IPs instead of the ALB ips from Route53.

Let me know if this answers your questions.




Great, thanks @Aaron_K_van_Meerten and @saghul!