Jitsi automation

I am attempting to integrate Jitsi (audio only / no video) into a web app based game system that I am developing.
I have deployed my own Jitsi-meet server (not the same server as the web app / but this could be an option).

So, I now have 2 issues that I am seeking help with:-

  1. How to set up a Room ( perhaps via a webhook / api ) - my game app could,for example, generate a random Room name and send a REST call to my Jitsi server, to create the Room.

  2. The Game app has a front end which runs in the user’s browser. This front end could include an iFrame and the URL source would point to the relevant URL to access the Jitsi room that was created in step 1 above (together with any further parameters needed).

It is issue 1) that I am stuck on. I’d very much appreciate any advice on how to do the Room creation, and issue 2), how to have the players then join that Room (without the need for a Room host to “start” the meeting).

Any ideas? :wink:

No need to create a room. Only create a room name and send the meeting link which contains the created room name to your clients. The room will be created automaticly when the first client joins

Brilliant!! Thanks #emrah
That’s just what I was looking for :+1: