Jitsi Audio Mute User on Client

Hello Everybody,

A rather general question, but is there a feature on Jitsi which allows a participant (not admin) to turn off the sound from another participant…only muting them on their connection not for everybody?

Any insights would be most appreciated.


Press the three dots for the “another participant” video window, then slide that participant’s volume control to zero. Also great when someone’s microphone is too effective compared with other participants.

The below image shows the moderator’s view for the volume control and other settings.

Fantastic…Now a slightly more difficult question…could you program Jitsi to do the following for users defined below.

User1: user is playing music unmuted
User2 : is me
User3 : is another user who is muted

When I am muted I hear user 1 because he is unmuted (they are playing music)
When I unmute myself I want to turn off the music from user1 on my machine only to avoid feedback
User 3 who remains muted, then hears a mix of music and me (user2)

Do you think that can be done?

Thanks for the advice.


I am not able to answer your question. I would not think that Jitsi does audio mixing. If I were to create a video conferencing system, only one speaker at a time would be allowed.