Jitsi as video streaming?

Hi I have a question concerning the scalability of jitsi:
I wonder if this scenario could work:

  • Many participants of a Jitsi-Meet-conference (e.g. 200 or 300)
  • Only one or two participants have audio and video activated, all the others just watch/listen

Has anyone tested this kind of scenario yet? Would it be possible to overcome the soft limit of maybe 30 or 70 jitsi-participants with that kind of strategy?

you can have the 1-2 participants log in and stream to youtube for others to see

Yes we could do that. But one of the main reasons why we are using jitsi and not Zoom or Skype is to emancipate from those malicious Internet-Companies. So not a chance for Youtube-Streaming!

you can stream on your own too… you dont need youtube

here’s a guide i wrote up

You can add HLS Streaming and stream it to a nginx server over HTML5