Jitsi as Discord alternative / feedback


For a small programming educational class, we tried to work online using jitsi.org as alternative to Discord. It went quite ok, but Discord works better and is more advanced. Here are some first thoughts.

  • We couldn’t reserve a community room, with a simple human readable name. For such a project you want a simple room name, reserved for multiple years probably.

  • It’s not easy to divide the group in small groups, and organize them in one main channel, with different subchannels / classrooms. You can make a new link, but then the group gets totally separated.

  • We had difficulty showing programming code / text to students, because the resolution of the text in the shared screen was not very clear. We had to zoom a lot and still it wasn’t optimal.

  • We would like to use a dedicated Desktop application for Linux and Windows (and Mac).

  • Some people had difficulties, muting other people. Or it was not robust. Change of one setting, seems to affect a other persons setting.

That’s it for now.

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I doubt this very much. :slight_smile: Video-conferencing on Discord doesn’t even begin to compare with what Jitsi offers (even if we ignore the obvious privacy and security advantage that Jitsi holds and compare just by features alone).

Yes, because Jitsi does not require an account or any other personal information to start/join a meeting, there is really no way of creating identities (in the way you’re familiar with). So, room names are available to all and anyone who uses a room name first gets to own it till they end their session. If you want to use the same room name, I’d suggest creating a roomname that’s hard to guess (combination of letters and numbers, perhaps).

This feature is almost ready to be pushed out. It’s called “Breakout Rooms”. It’s currently in testing and will be available soon.

This may have to do with the screen resolution of the sharing participant relative to the receiving screen resolutions of the other participants. If you share something that’s already zoomed from a computer with lower screen resolution to be viewed by one with higher screen resolution, blurriness is virtually inevitable.

You can download the Electron desktop app.

Perhaps you an provide more information on what exactly you observed? What difficulties exactly did people have? And what setting change affect other people’s settings?

Thanks, just saw this reply.

We had a same kind of meeting tonight and I’ve to say, it went really pleasant. Main problem wasn’t there anymore, the sound issues.

Breakout rooms sounds exactly what we’re looking for. Nice!

Thanks for the Electron link.