Jitsi as a Service iframe Welcome Screen not showing

Is there a possibility for creating Meeting Rooms in 8x8 JaaS iframe? Currently, I can only create JitsiMeetExternalAPI object with roomName provided as it seems required to render iframe. I would like to have a Welcome Screen where User of the application can start the meeting or join one.

You can kinda use IFrame API without passing in a room name and it should just show you the home page like you would if you were to visit the page directly. E.g. JSFiddle

Alas with JaaS is not quite as straight-forward because you generally also need to provide your AppId as part of the room prefix. You may also want users to be issued different JWT tokens for different rooms. So this does make it hard to a generic landing page for users to choose/create rooms.

Disclaimer: I’m not a JaaS user and not overly familiar with the full offering, so the above is merely my current understanding. Someone from JaaS/Jitsi will hopefully correct me or offer more suggestions if this proves incorrect.

Thank you for quick reply Shawn. Yeah, with meet.jit.si it is working ok, but with JaaS, iframe is simply not rendering. It would be good to have maybe option for passing Tenant Name/AppID as parameter instead of roomName so that context is clear and page can be rendered.

But what would one display on the landing page? Unlike meet.jit.si which is public and anyone can create or join any room, with JaaS there is no single interface that would meet everyone’s requirements e.g. if I were a JaaS subscriber I might not want users to create rooms via the landing page and they should instead go through my app.

So the question here isn’t really whether it is possible to load a common landing page using IFrame API (because it can as we’ve seen with meet.jit.si), but whether a common landing page for JaaS is practical or generally desirable.

In other words, I don’t think this is technical issue and more a product question for the JaaS team.

It would display previously created Meeting Rooms (for that App ID) and Users would be able to create Meeting Rooms - of course this should be optional, only for subscribers that want to let their Users create Meeting Rooms on default JaaS Welcome Page. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think with current approach, we would need to implement custom page for creating Meeting Rooms (if that is even possible) and only then render page with JaaS Room displayed.

I’m afraid I’ve already speculated more than I should about a topic I know little of.

Since this really is a product decision and not a tech issue, I shall sheepishly step back and let someone from JaaS/Jitsi opine on this.

@damencho thoughts?

I still don’t see the purpose of a welcome page? Your users need to go through authorization in order to create a token and pass it through to the iframe.
There are no way for guests to create rooms for jaas. So the only purpose will be to show the previously used meetings … and there is no such feature at the moment.
And because of that there is no welcome page for 8x8.vc or jaas, there is just one for meet.jit.si.

Maybe it’s better to explain briefly what is our intention and you can tell me if it’s possible or not - we want to implement web application which would offer Users ability to create Meeting Rooms and invite other Users to join, Welcome page would act as a initial screen where they can start Meetings and see history. Our system would generate tokens on their behalf if it is possible.

In order to be able to generate tokens per user and room, you need to be in control of the page creating rooms. Once you know the room name, you can create the token and load the iframe passing it.
There is no option at the moment to pass the jwt on la ater stage, which is a requirement for a feature of a welcome page that can create rooms.

Just to double check, we would need to implement custom Welcome page where Users would enter Room name and then based on their input we would load iframe with that info?


I’m not sure I understand your needs correctly but eparto.net seems to match your use case.

  • The owner of Jitsi server can give partnerships to some users.
  • Partner users can create meeting rooms on this server and can invite their audiences
  • Audiences can only join the meeting rooms at scheduled time

I think Welcome Page makes sense if all Users will have JWTs created for access to all Rooms created in scope of our App ID.

The iframe API revolves around managing a single meeting, so introducing the welcome page would make it’s use more complex, I reckon. Since the user types the meeting name, for example, the iframe would navigate away and the token would get lost…

I was thinking that iFrame it self should contain Welcome page or at least option for it…

We’ll pass on the feature request, but the iframe was not designed with that use case in mind.

Thank you! Is there maybe any other way to use Jitsi as a Service besides loading it in iFrame?

The other option is to use the lower leval lib-jitsi-meet API, but I don’t think that’s what you want, because you’d need to build the entire UI yourself.

Yeah, that’s why we started looking into JaaS, to skip as much of setup/maintenance as we can. We thought JaaS is the same as a custom jitsi-meet setup on VM, with all of the config done and with easier way to customize behavior and UI. Nevertheless, if we decide to go with JaaS, we will try implementing our custom Welcome Page and hopefully it will fit our needs.

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