Jitsi as a relaying server - on premise or in the cloud

Hello, we are looking for a WebRTC server (hosted on some paid server) for videochat (or sometimes audio only) for at least 30-5 users, that would overcome current free solutions’ limitation. I suspect that the free solutions just do peer-to-peer so with 30 participants each participant would have maintain 30-to-30 connections, that would sturate at least upload bandwidth of each user’s internet connetion.

So what I suspect sending ALL traffic through a central server could solve the problem. I mean that each of the 30 users send his audio/video only once to the server, and server sends it back to all other 29 users, and so the user sends 1 stream and receives 29 streams. This usually would satisfy bandwidht of home and office internet connections as they usually have a bandwidth ratio like upload bandwidth is 10% of download bandwidth…

Do you think this approach could be a solution compared to free products like Skype or Discord?

If yes then would this mode be supported by any Jitsi product hosted on some paid server?

Or would you recommend some other product?
Best Regards,

PS. Also, is there a chance that any product(s) would support mixing all audio at the server for all audio only streams? So let’s say that one or two users in the live conference chat are using video with audio, but 28 others are using only audio. Then perhaps we could mix all the 28 audios into one audio channel that woiuld be sent back to all users as a one channel.