Jitsi App on iPad can't connect

For several weeks the jitsi app on ipad cannot connect to a jitsi room. It just keeps trying to connect to the room. That same connection works with iphone, android, mac Air, and pc. I can connect when I use the web browser on the ipad but the web browser on the ipad doesn’t support screen sharing.

I can help with testing as I do have several devices and a vested interest in avoiding surprises. I have an ipad, android, Mac Air, and multiple pcs.


What app version are you using and what server are you connecting to?

Version 22.7.0. Https://meet.mysteriesoftherosary.net

I am able to connect to that deployment. It is, however, very slow and they don’t seem to have a TURN server deployed (and P2P didn’t work either) so even a 2 people conference in the same house goes to the server and the experience is kinda bad.

There is a timeout when trying to join, so chances are you are hitting that when trying to connect.

Looks like an overloaded or underdimensioned server,.

That server is used everyday from 7am to 8am MST by 7 or 8 people without any issues. The issue is only with the ipad

I updated the iPad to iPadOS 16.1.1 and it is now working just fine.

Thank you for looking at the issue.