Jitsi App for Android < version 6 (SDK 23)

Hi. In commit 5cf9a76f9eefc6c6b0d4fc68553aab80ebc1842e, it is stated:

Android < 23 is currently less than 3% for us so let’s try to lower the
maintenance burden. Users can still download an older version no problem.

I hope to be wrong but this looks to me like a lack of foresight. F-droid does not keep that many versions online. Other than building it oneself, does anybody know where Users can download an Android 5.x compatible version no problem?

I’d also be interested as to where the 3% stat comes from? Is f-droid taken into account there?


Hi, I made that commit.

F-Droid is opaque to us, we have no analytics, so I simply don’t know the user distribution there. Even if I did, it doesn’t matter, because I don’t know anything about crashes. Our numbers (3%) comes from Play Store installations, which is likely orders of magnitude higher than F-Droid.

The app cannot be built for older devices anymore, alas. The main reason contributing to the mentioned maintenance burden is WebRTC. Google doesn’t fix bugs for such old Android versions and we cannot take over that maintenance.

Hi. Many thanks for the reply.

I assume the app can of course be built from 5cf9a76f9eefc6c6b0d4fc68553aab80ebc1842e^ ?
If you happen to have signed builds of that, would you consider making them available?

Google becomes more and more of a burden as time goes on :frowning:

Yes it can, with incredibly old dependencies, including security vulnerabilities in WebRTC IIRC.

No. It may even not work anymore due to changes in the backend communication. Again, the reason why we stopped maintaining those old versions is due to lack of manpower and increase in maintenance burden. Making a build available would send the wrong signals.

Honestly I don’t think it’s Google’s fault on this one. Manufacturers have, time and time again, failed to keep up with Android updates and leave their users with old deprecated versions which no longer receive security updates.

Sure, It’s either due to the manufacturers leaving their devices with deprecated versions, or due to software devs/corporate policy deprecating those versions in the first place, often because new “features” are more important than support and not filling the planet with junk. While I’m pretty sure I know where most devs stand on that, I happen to think a bunch of stuff about it that quickly gets off topic for this forum…

Thanks again.