Jitsi app call aborted

Hi! Every time i use jitsi app to login as host i get the message “call aborted - there is another call in progress…” tested in motorola 5 and 6.

Worksnormally to acess already opened rooms or non authenticated ones.

This is happening since i setup secure domain and host authentication in my server.

The are another posts with this same problem but can´t find a solution.

Well… i tested the host function in 3 phone brands…apple/samsung/xiaomi in this the host auth works with no problems. In motorola phones it did not work in 2 models tested.

If you can test and post so others will know.

Hi there,

What Android version are those Motorola phones running? Also, did you build the app yourself or are you running our store version?

Hi saghul, all 8.1 and xiaomi latest, the app was installed from store.

If you see the call aborted message, can you please restart the phone and try again?