Jitsi app call aborted

Hi! Every time i use jitsi app to login as host i get the message “call aborted - there is another call in progress…” tested in motorola 5 and 6.

Worksnormally to acess already opened rooms or non authenticated ones.

This is happening since i setup secure domain and host authentication in my server.

The are another posts with this same problem but can´t find a solution.

Well… i tested the host function in 3 phone brands…apple/samsung/xiaomi in this the host auth works with no problems. In motorola phones it did not work in 2 models tested.

If you can test and post so others will know.

Hi there,

What Android version are those Motorola phones running? Also, did you build the app yourself or are you running our store version?

Hi saghul, all 8.1 and xiaomi latest, the app was installed from store.

If you see the call aborted message, can you please restart the phone and try again?

I see the same problem.

A call is started or joined, and the device shows “Call aborted. There’s already another call in progress. Please end it first and try again” within a few seconds.
This particular device is an Alcatel 5099Y, Jitsi Meet version 19.5.1 build 3228528. Downloaded via Play Store. I’ve tried restarting without any change to symptoms.

Another phone with the same Jitsi Meet version works without fuss – a Huawei JAT-L29.
In both cases, connecting to a self-installed instance (works fine for web browser clients).

Any suggestions…?

Try this: go to settings (on Jitsi Meet) -> advanced -> flip the “disable native call integration” toggle. Then try again.

That was it! Thank you! I’ll add that note to my local instructions.

Restart works also… Saghul’s method too

how can i do that with SDK Jitsi-meet-sdk

https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/d00ead932b4009f93a48df50204a339153406d51/android/app/src/main/java/org/jitsi/meet/MainActivity.java#L93 - set this feature flag.

thank you what exactly this method do. what is the disadvantage of disabling it.

It disables Jitsi’s integration with Android ConnectionService: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/telecom/selfManaged

We found that, sadly it creates too much trouble since some manufacturers don’t implement some of the internals for self-managed connectionsservice correctly.

I got it, i have mp4 video player in my conference screen when call starts mp4 video instantly pauses, thats why ? i before configured start mp4 video after call start but now i am not going to do that am i right?

btw this is most incredible open source project i ever seen thank you for you guys.

Not necessarily, that might be related to audio focus, check adb logcat to see if audio focus is lost / regained.

Thanks for the kind words! :heart:

I have the same problem. Details are below:

Device details:

Android version: 8.1
Phone: LG Xpower 3

Server Configuration Details:

  • Self hosted jitsi server
  • Prosody enabled
  • Token authentication enabled

Client Configuration Details:

  • “call-integration.enabled” set to false


  • An un-authenticated guest tries to join a room
  • Opens up the window to sign in if “You are the host”
  • After few seconds of waiting, the app crashes with message “Call aborted. There is another call in progress…”

That suggests you didn’t properly set the call-integration flag. What version of the app are you running?

I am using “react-native-jitsi-meet” on the client side along with “react-native-navigation”.
The app works fine for the following scenarios:

  • starting a new meeting (after authentication)
  • Joining an already existing meeting (both as guest and authenticated user)

The issue surfaces when the user is not authenticated and is trying to join a meeting that has not yet started.

We don’t maintain that library. You will need to ask the maintainer for the ability to set this flag.

Thanks @saghul !!
I am setting the flag in my code. The library uses JitsiMeetView instead of JitsiMeetActivity and the flag is set through JitsiMeetConferenceOptions. The options are passed to the “join” method of the View when a meeting is initiated.
I hope this is the correct way to set the flag.

I will check with the other library