Jitsi API integration with django

A big appreciation for jitsi creators!

I am trying to my django web project where i want to integrate jitsi meet. I have some questions to know about jitsi integration.

  1. Is it possible to create like in https://meet.jit.si/ features?
  2. Can i integrate video call system , video call recording like as in the https://meet.jit.si/?
  3. Is it possible if i want to store the record video in Django DataBase?
  4. Does jitsi require charge to use above features?

Thanks In Advance. Your help will push me to go ahead.

You can use meet.jit.si but need to follow the Terms & Conditions | meet.jit.si Terms of Service.
Or you can use https://jaas.8x8.vc and have more control over it.

You can IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook

Not at the moment, using jaas.8x8.vc you can have a hook getting the link where to download the recording when it is over, so you can transfer them.

When using jaas yes, when using meet.jit.si no, as long you follow the terms and conditions keeping the watermark, links, branding, and showing the close page ads after hangup.

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Thank you! Fast response community!


  1. Is there any way that i can set the system to download and add to our database automatically once finished our video call?

  2. Is there anything about photo taking via the video call of the end user’s? If there is no this type function, can you add the function using jitsi API for video calling?

I was thinking to take 99.9$ API and also curious about integration and modification aspects in the jitsi.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to add the video into the database but it’s possible using finalize script

When you get the video, you can take photos from video using ffmpeg or a similar tool

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This is in case you are hosting your own deployment. When using jaas this is not possible.

When you download the video you can extract from it whatever you want according your requirements.

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I was thinking about On Begin Call photo taking of the end user. when i think i can to able take a photo on the video of end user.

You can get a screenshot from the large video participant

But you can do a screenshot from the js to the iframe …

It is not possible to test captureLargeVideoScreenshot in free jitsi domain, is it?

It is possible.

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It works. I can see the Data url. But it don’t know how to do download or it would be possible or not in the free version.

Not the most elegant example, but you could do something like this:

api.captureLargeVideoScreenshot().then(data => {
    const blob = data.dataURL;
    if (!blob) {
      console.log('Nothing to capture yet.');

    // Trigger image download by clicking temp link
    var link = document.createElement("a");
    const timestamp = +new Date();
    link.download = "screenshot-" + timestamp + ".png";
    link.href = blob;

Here’s a working example: JSFiddle


I also tried and get success. Appreciate and thanks for your code approaches!

function ScreenShot(){
apiObj.captureLargeVideoScreenshot().then(data => {
var a = document.createElement(“a”); //Create
a.href = data.dataURL; //Image Base64 Goes here
a.download = “Image.png”; //File name Here
a.click(); //Downloaded file

    // data is an Object with only one param, dataURL
    // data.dataURL = "..."


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@miltonbhowmick where you put these code to make screenshot? How to use?

You may need to create a button. Then call a function for that button click.

<button id='btnScrShot'>Shot</button>

Function Script call:


Then Boom! ScreenShot() function will be called

You are do this for inside iframe?

You may insert or code this logic in your html file where you will use the iframe for video!

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Okay thank you so this are use for iframe

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